NanoRevolution™ 3.0

Next Generation Adjuvant For Herbicides
NanoRevolution™ 3.0 for Herbicide is a proprietary adjuvant that is specifically engineered from the ground up which safely improves the performance efficiency of applied herbicide products. NanoRevolution 3.0 may prove beneficial when dealing with stubborn burn-down issues and off-label weed control.


Technology Overview

NanoRevolution 3.0 will assist the efficiency of applied herbicide products. NanoRevolution 3.0 is a proprietary adjuvant will help to optimize the over-all performance of the host formula by fusing the existing micro-particles into a synergistic relationship. In other words, when NanoRevolution 3.0 adjuvants are mixed into existing formulations, the final performance of the formula is greater than the sum of its parts. Adding a NanoRevolution 3.0 adjuvant to your formula is like putting your existing herbicide on steroids.

Application Options

NanoRevolution 3.0 is designed to be added directly to the herbicide. In a typical application the proper mixture of herbicide would be added to the appropriate mixture of NanoRevolution 3.0 along with the desired ratio of water.

Apply 2-6 ounces of NanoRevolution 3.0 per acre of application regardless of the water amount applied per acre and/or herbicide application rate per acre.

For weeds that exceed the herbicide label’s recommendation and harder to control weeds, an application of 6 ounces of NanoRevolution 3.0 and 2-4 qts. of Regulator 2.0 per 100 gallons of water per acre may prove beneficial. Before mixing with products, a jar compatibility test is recommended.

Application Carrier Rate Side Effect
Herbicide+ Water Only 50% or less Limited Control
Herbicide+ Non-Ionic Surfacatant up to 60% of less Limited Success / Weather Dependent
Herbicide+ Ammonium Sulfate up to 65% or less Limited Success / Weather Dependent
Herbicide+ Crop Oil up to 70% or less Crop Damage / Hotter Chemistry
Herbicide+ Liquid Nitrogen up to 75-80% Salt Related Crop Injury / Burn
NanoRevolution 3.0 Regulator 2.0 & Water 95+% or more Nano Enhanced / Maximum Penetration


NanoRevolution 3.0 is available exclusively through Max Systems LLC Distributors.