Max Systems Introduces Humic Acid Supplement

Published January 28, 2016 15:49

Humika has proven to increase yields by helping nature help itself.

LAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — With the introduction of Humika spray adjuvant for commercial agriculture, Max Systems LLC, has literally found a way to help nature help itself. As a natural carbon product made from liquefied humic shale. Humika contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids, as well as many trace minerals.

As the lowest denominator in the breakdown of organic carbon, humic acid provides the soil and plants with a number of ... Read more

Regulator 2.0 Returns Groundwater to Rainwater

Published January 21, 2016 19:37

Regulator 2.0 FinalLAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — As valuable as an irrigation system may be for yield boosts and crop insurance, everyone knows that natural rainfall is still more valuable to the crop than groundwater. However, a new pH balancing carbon surfactant from Max Systems LLC, called Regulator 2.0, now promises to return treated irrigation water to the qualities of rainwater. 

“Growers often hear or assume that rainfall is better for the crop because it picks up extra nitrogen as it falls to Earth,” says ... Read more

New Regulator 2.0 Balances pH

Published January 14, 2016 01:23

Regulator2 JugsPlus, it does it in a totally different manner.

LAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — Regulator 2.0, a new product from Max Systems LLC, seems to be appropriately named, since one of its main functions is to lower, or regulate, the optimum pH of a wide range of spray tank solutions. As a low pH surfactant, Regulator 2.0 also enhances herbicide burn down and delivers molecular oxygen to the plants.

“Unlike most products used in agriculture today, Regulator 2.0 is not a salt based product, but, instead, is a carbon-based ... Read more

Iper Fer Marathon HBED - New Solution for Iron Deficiency

Published January 08, 2016 16:02

Iper Fer Marathon offers new solutions for crops grown in alkaline soil.

LAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — Iron deficiency, found in areas of the upper corn belt, can lead to problems in soybeans. Fortunately, Max Systems LLC has developed a new product, Iper Fer Marathon. This product offers 9 percent fully available iron that is protected by a HBED chelate within a pH range of 4 to 12. 

“Iper Fer Marathon is the natural choice for alkaline soils,” insists Chris Schlegel, co-owner and ... Read more

NanoRevolution 3.0 +Regulator 2.0 Combination Delivers A Fatal Blow to Weeds

Published January 05, 2016 16:00

Reg2 Rev3 Jugs 4836Max Systems Combination Delivers A Fatal Blow To Weeds

LAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — Mathematics may state that one plus one equals two, but when Regulator 2.0 and NanoRevolution 3.0 — both new products from Max Systems LLC — are added together in a crop protection tank mix, it becomes multiplication. In this case, one-plus-one has resulted in high percentage weed kills … even on some of nature’s toughest species.
Used by itself, Regulator 2.0 has proven to be an effective ... Read more

NanoRevolution 3.0 Introduction

Published December 15, 2015 15:53

Nano Rev3Third-Generation Nanotechnology Adjuvant Introduced

New NanoRevolution 3.0 carries herbicides into plant cells even faster.

Lake Lillian, Minnesota — December 2015 — Herbicide-resistant weeds already suffered a huge blow this past spring when Max Systems LLC introduced NanoRevolution 2.0, a revolutionary new adjuvant based on nanotechnology. Now, Max Systems has taken weed control to an even higher level with the introduction of NanoRevolution 3.0 When tank mixed with the leading herbicides at a rate of two to six ounces per ... Read more

Revolutionary Chemistry Tackles Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Published March 10, 2015 16:31

New NanoRevolution 2.0 uses nanotechnology to penetrate plant cells

NORFOLK, NEBRASKA — MARCH 2015 — Herbicide-resistant weeds have finally met their match, thanks to a revolutionary new adjuvant, appropriately named NanoRevolution 2.0, recently introduced by Max Systems LLC. Added to a tank mix of glyphosate at the conservative rate of four to eight ounces per acre (based on weed size), NanoRevolution 2.0 has proven effective in killing resistant weed species that had already had up to two applications ... Read more